Past Projects

Saturday Jan 26 2018 7:30pm
Sunday Jan 27 2018 7:30pm
Trinity College Chapel, Toronto

This concert was the first collaboration between Cor Unum Ensemble and Sub Rosa Ensemble. By combining women’s voices from Sub Rosa with strings, continuo, and men’s voices from Cor Unum, we explored 16th- and 17th-century repertoire written for and by nuns to explore how the most highly trained and renowned musicians in their city worked together across enclosure to bring their music to life. These women often used their popularity, and the secrecy of the screens behind which they performed, to bend and sometimes break rules. We were delighted to share this unusual and beguiling repertoire, which treads the uneasy boundary between sacred and secular beauty, with our friends of all genders at Cor Unum!

June 21, St Basil’s Parish Church (Toronto)

Our debut concert featured music exploring spirituality and love in 17th-century convents of Italy and the Low Countries. This repertoire features a plethora of exquisite expressions of emotion, such as feelings of divine ecstasy, spiritual unity with the Virgin Mary, and even erotic love for their bridegroom Jesus. From liturgical music to devotional celebrations to private musings on the divine, we were pleased to perform our first ever concert at St Basil’s Parish Church in June of 2018.